For more than 40 years and across three generations, the Cowart family has been building timeless and distinctive homes throughout greater Atlanta. Forged in family values and tradition, Dean Cowart and his partner Nick Williams mastered the merits of quality construction, attention to detail, and the benefits of teamwork.

While still a student, Dean spent his summers on his family’s job sites, often doing manual labor, but always learning and honing his skills. After graduating college, Dean joined John Cowart Properties. He continued to expand his knowledge to learn as much as possible about the construction process and the science behind it. Over time, Dean’s skills have expanded to include land development and home construction. In 2010 Dean formed Cowart Residential, with the goal of creating unique communities that speak to the desires and lifestyles of today’s families. Communities where the homes are inspired by their surroundings and are inspirational for those who call them home.

Each Cowart Residential community is distinctive to its location but shares excellence in design, construction, craftsmanship, and a vision for life well-lived. Cowart Residential’s design team works with you to ensure your home is authentically customized to create your family legacy.

“My passion is focused on the team that works alongside me. My goal is to help my team realize their highest potential, which enables us to exceed our homebuyer’s expectations and provide an unparalleled new home experience. Remarkable results happen when there is collaboration, experience and respect.” -Dean Cowart, President