Old Toccoa Farm has graciously benefited from the bountiful nature of Blue Ridge, as well as from the support and care of the surrounding Blue Ridge community. Without the positive impact of our town, county and neighboring areas, we would not be able to enjoy the escape we have created here. We value giving back and have dedicated ourselves to assisting a number of deserving nonprofits in the community.

In our communities, there are abused and neglected children who live in the shadows of our lives. She may be the quiet girl in your son’s class who had to move homes and change schools three times in the last year. He may be the lonely child at the park who never joins the game. Every child needs to be treasured, protected and nurtured. Unfortunately, some parents can’t—or won’t—care for their children. When they neglect or abuse them, someone must step in to ensure the children’s safety. That’s the job of the Division of Family & Children Services (DFCS), along with the police and the courts.

The Open Arms Home for Children, in cooperation with DFCS and CASA, plays a central role in fulfilling society’s most fundamental obligation — caring for children affected by abuse and neglect. Childhood trauma has enormous long-term affects in children, and it’s not just the affects you might be thinking.  Take a few minutes and listen to this video to learn more – ACES VIDEO. Learn more about The Open Arms Home for Children »

PROJECT HEALING WATERS FLY FISHING, BLUE RIDGE is dedicated to the physical and emotional rehabilitation of disabled active military service personnel and disabled veterans through fly fishing and associated activities including education and outings. Old Toccoa Farm has been gifted with abundant natural resources here in Blue Ridge and is committed to sharing them with the rehabilitation of these selfless individuals. Learn more about Project Healing Waters »

PROJECT CHIMPS, BLUE RIDGE mission is to provide exemplary lifelong care to chimpanzees retired from research. Project Chimps provides lifetime care to former research chimpanzees in a sanctuary on 236-acres of forested land in the Blue Ridge Mountains. Project Chimps has an agreement with the medical research facility that has the largest population of privately-owned chimpanzees in the United States to bring the lab’s chimpanzees to Project Chimps’ sanctuary. Project Chimps is in the process of transferring these intelligent and sentient beings from the lab to their new homes, where they will spend the remainder of their lives. Learn more about Project Chimps

THE HUMANE SOCIETY OF BLUE RIDGE works diligently to increase the awareness of animal issues through public education, striving to end euthanasia of healthy, adoptable animals, and to promote and offer affordable spay and neutering and rabies inoculation. The Humane Society of Blue Ridge is a non-profit group comprised of volunteers whose mission is to promote respect for all living things, 
to provide for the welfare of abandoned, injured, or mistreated animals and to find them loving, permanent homes. Learn more about the Humane Society of Blue Ridge »