Bunker Hill Golf Visits Old Toccoa Farm

On March 7th, Old Toccoa Farm golf course designers, Dan Proctor and Dave Axland, along with master shaper Jack Dredla (all with Bunker Hill Golf), visited with us and we reviewed the remaining scope of work required to open the full 18-holes in early summer.  Dan flew in from Oregon, where he is currently working on the Preserve course at Bandon Dunes, and Dave arrived from Maui where he is currently managing a $12 million renovation of Kapalua Golf Course for Coor-Crenshaw.  There is growing excitement around Old Toccoa Farm as we move closer to having 18-holes of spectacular golf.  When the rains move out and the weather warms up a bit, we will get things started again!  Stay tuned for more updates.